Keep Your True Colors: You Give What You Have.

23 November 2015| AM
After reading a quote by Dodinsky, this conversation was birthed, based on deep expressions’. Enjoy.
Oh, you will find the quote at the conclusion?
Twinny: A vessel filled up with treasures surely will feel the impact. I benefit
even from the smile I share. My confession… as I am a dispenser of
God’s blessings, and all He’s deposited in me, I also partake. When I
teach, I also learn.
M: True that. What’s the essence, if it doesn’t do you any good. It must make
sense to me first, to be very impactful. Amen to your confession. Thank God,
for us, it’s from the abundance that others receive. We are aware of what we
Twinny: We identify, we give thanks, we activate, we give thanks, then we
dispense! Hallelujah!
M: And it gets better daily with the help of the Holy Spirit. We can’t lose our color
In the process of dispensing. We remain colorful, even as we dispense. I smile
? a lot. If really I don’t benefit from it… it would have been so draining.
Seriously, it would have. Why make others smile if you ain’t really smiling,
yourself? I always have been a strong believer@ let my healing, heal others.
Let my joy make others joyful, etc. That’s the only way it becomes tangible,
the only way it makes sense. The living water flows from within; its from the
inside-out, not outside-in.
Twinny: You see someone smile the whole day, and goes home feeling depressed
and crying themselves to sleep. It happens… psychologists who commits
M: Well, the answer is simple. They refused being their own number one
audience. They just couldn’t wait to dish it out, and in the process forgot
themselves. Its very sad. I really cant connect it though. How can you make the
whole world smile and you ain’t smiling with you in your closet?
Twinny: This is so true@ well the answer is simple………
M: You want to change the world? It truly does start with you.
Twinny: Yes… let it sink deep, in fact, soak yourself in it then dispense. No rushing out to share what you haven’t tasted.
M: Never be in a hurry. For example, if God isn’t enough for you, how do you
connect someone else to His enough-ness? It makes absolutely no Ami sense.
If it’s takes me years to know my truth and accept if first, before introducing
me to others, I am wiling to take that route and wait the wait. Just so I really
bless people through me, from within. So also, health, joy , happiness, life and
more.  Until then, I am so not in a rush.
Twinny: Everything!
M: I learn to be my  number one audience in Christ Jesus. I enjoy Christ for me,
first; then for others. Same for life.
Twinny: That’s how it’s supposed to be.
M: Not leaving any stone unturned. It starts with me.
Twinny: Doing it the other way round will result in feeling miserable.
M: I get it right first before inviting others. Exception @ the gospel… cos I am
saved once and for all time?. I wasn’t born to experience the miserable
feeling. I can’t connect by default.
Twinny: Oh yes, once you get the baton ( the good-news), no waiting.
M: I tell people, I don’t know what depression is, or pressure, and their sisters.
Twinny: Lol @ sisters.
M: They look at me strangely. But for those who come close enough, they
just come to the understanding that there’s truly this kind of life; free of  all
them negativities. I keep working out my salvation with fear and trembling…
what they see is the result of what is been developed in me by The Word.
Which most times, can’t be explained. You just see it radiate.
Twinny: Word based positivity. . . Faith rooted positivity. These are the things that
condition your mind and turn into thoughts that you eventually speak out
to create the environment you desire.
It is wonderful when you can bring sparkles into people’ lives,
without fading away from your own true colors.
Keep the hue in you. ~ Dodinsky
Please, by whole means, light up as many spirits as you can when given the opportunity to. But, don’t lose `You‘ in the midst of it all.
Keep touch with your true colors, always. * wink.
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