Love is the Original Message (God’s reality)

I so can’t get me enough of love based scriptures. Why? Well, because my faith must be expressed in love, for starters. And besides, anything I do without love being the motivation is empty and useless.

Love is genuinely powerful and highly recognized in God’s Kingdom, because He is Love.

I do believe love is the original message God sent to me through His Son’s great sacrifice: giving up Himself willingly, according to the will and plan of The Father. So I can recognize Love, know the-how-to love, and be capable of loving.

The Bible says, the way to know that I have been transferred from death to life is that I love my brothers and sisters. Anyone who doesn’t love is as good as dead. I love my God-given life, hence, I must love.

When I hate a brother or sister, I become a liquidator. I don’t desire to be a murderer, which means, I can’t hate anyone.

I don’t want God’s love to disappear. But, if I don’t live the love life sacrificially, for my fellow believers and I decide to be all about myself, a murderer I am. That’s deep.

If I see a needy brother or sister, and I have the means to do something about it, but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, then I have made God’s love disappear.

It’s not just enough to talk about love. It pays to PRACTICE real love.
It’s the solitary way to be certain that I am living truly, living in God’s reality. LOVE IS GOD’s REALITY, People!!!

Love does not condemn or abuse. Love makes me bold and free before God! To live, receive, and give love.

Love pleases God. When I love, I please God.

God’s command is to believe in His personally named Son, Jesus Christ. Telling me to love my brothers and sisters, in line with His original command.

Thus, it’s best I keep His commands, for me to live deeply and surely in Him (as He desires). In practicing this, I experience His deep and abiding presence in me: by the spirit He gave me.

You can personalize this as well by reading it for yourself, directly from The Bible. 1John 3: 11-24. Enjoy!

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