Song For The Day: Gratitude – Byron Cage

Hello House. In this room, I’ll daily share with you, the songs I have enjoyed over the years, and still love (until new ones are written and sung). The ones that spoke to me and still talk to me. The ones that encouraged me and still encourage me. It could exactly be the lyrics (for me often time it’s the lyrics).

Other times, just the beat, or the instrumentals, or the entire musical arrangement. I love good music and enjoy great, well-thought out songs, greatly.

I kick off today with one of my most favorite of them entirely: Gratitude by Byron Cage. Truth is, I can’t really explain in its purest form, how personal this song is to me. It just makes cool sense every time I listen to it, because it’s always like, that’s me pouring out my heart to My PAPA. I relate with each line deeply. It’s always on replay.

This song for me is definitely more than just a song, I am convinced Byron saw my heart in his vision, picked up his pen and put down the lyrics, and penned these lines down.


“How can I express to You the gratitude for all that You do,
What can I give back to You for unfailing love, mercy and grace too.
Mere words can never be enough to articulate how much I thank You,
Although sometimes the goings are rough but I made it……

For all the times I’ve fallen short
Yet You never cease to show me mercy
And When I thought that all was lost
You remind me of Your love at Calvary
You save me Jesus in times when I wasn’t sure that I would even make it
It’s because of You I’m standing here to say……
Thank you Lord!!!”

Thank you very much Deji, for sending this song to me a few years ago.

You can leave below@ comment, the songs that have impacted your life, or one you just can’t stop singing for some reason. Share with the house. Who knows, we may have songs in common. *wink

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